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Nearly everybody I know says he or she has a problem with procrastination.  It’s an epidemic.  Well, count me in.  I mean, I am actually blogging (which I don’t do often) in order to avoid reading my chapters for Western Civilization.  

One thing I hate is having a good idea for this blog, and then promptly forgetting it.  I also have a problem with knowing where the line is on how much information to give.  I also want to say earth-shattering things.  However, I know that won’t happen, and so in the end, I often write nothing.  I am the author writing about how she has nothing to write about.  

Which I know isn’t true, but it feels like it at the moment.  I suppose my current struggle is with that stupid word called “balance.”  I know it doesn’t exist.  I know this because I’ve never met a single individual who has achieved it.  I have subscribed to magazines and read books and listened to CDs telling me how to achieve this illusive state of being, all the while knowing down deep it doesn’t exist.  At least, not for very long.  A former mentor of mine said that balance is that place in the pendulum where it’s in the middle for a split second.  But mostly life is lived just swinging back and forth from side to side with rare moments of “balance” in the middle just so we don’t go totally crazy.  

All that to say, I am taking 17 hours at school (but will be dropping a class soon), working about 20 hours between two jobs, and oh yeah, trying to make sure my husband still recognizes this person he calls his wife.  This combined with my incredible aptitude for Slack and what you have is a messy apartment, half-assed homework, and probably an under-fed husband with no clean clothes, just so I can ignore life and watch mind-numbing t.v. like The View or something.  

All right…back to “The Rise of Absolutionism” in the 17th century.  Blarg.


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hazelnut coffee

I first started drinking coffee when I was probably around 14 years old.  I would pour a cup from what my mom had made earlier in the day, re-heat it, and add Carnation hazelnut non-dairy creamer to it.  It was the powdery kind.  When I was 16, my friends and I discovered StageRight coffee house in downtown Omaha.  I started ordering hazelnut lattes there.  StageRight was everything a 90’s coffee house should have been.  Smoky, and full of “alternative” kids.  They played a lot of Tori Amos, too if I remember correctly.  A few years later I started going to 13th Street Coffee Company more often.  This is also in downtown Omaha.  The following years have brought me through many coffee experiences, from helping a friend open a coffee house in South Carolina, to working at 13th Street for a couple years, to being a coffee buyer for Whole Foods and getting to go to Chicago to tour Intelligentsia’s roasting facility, and now I’m back in coffee again, at one of the more popular local coffee houses.  

I could really go for a re-heated cup of hazelnut flavored coffee about now, too.

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