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Doug and I returned from our two week vacation a week ago. Our heads are still not readjusted. We left on a Sunday for Hatteras Island in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. We started out by camping in a tent, but then upgraded the next morning to a cabin after a quite unpleasant night being rained on through a cheap tent. The next few days were spent visiting the ocean, fighting off mosquitos, realizing we left an important part of our portable camp stove at home, but generally relaxing. We visited Ocracoke Island, a place you can only get to by ferry, and walked around a bit and went to the ocean there, also. The picture above is taken from Ocracoke Island, and hopefully it evokes the kind of remoteness we felt on the Outer Banks. If there is one feeling I can take from our time on the Outer Banks is just that: remoteness. I would say the desert has a similar feeling, but the feeling of being surrounded by water without being able to immediately escape was a different feeling for me. Perhaps many people who live on islands feel this way, but for someone who grew up very landlocked most of her life, this was a new feeling for me.

The second part of our trip was spent in Montreal. We left the Outer Banks on a Thursday and started our drive north. We stayed in Albany, NY that night and finished our trek the next day, arriving in Montreal on Friday.

Me and Montreal

It’s hard to sum up everything we did on our week in Montreal, but the short of is is that we:
-Went to a park to see/listen to some electronic music, and noticed how fashionably dressed everyone is in Montreal.
-Saw a crazy balloon/lights/music show.
-Ate the best two salads of all time. Mutual agreement here.
-Walked a lot, and encountered many many stairs.
-Ate the best damn bagels of all time anywhere forever and ever. (sorry NY.)
-Saw Swedish band A Camp. (singer of the Cardigans other band)
-Drank a lot of great beer.
-Found a great bar called Dieu du Ciel thanks to a stranger.
-Went to Au Pied du Cochon and had a truly memorable meal. Too bad this restaurant in Montreal and not next-door to our apartment. Or maybe it’s a good thing.
-Went to an improv comedy show.
-Went to a humongous beer festival.
-Went to Cirque du Soleil’s “OVO.”
-Stayed in a killer little apartment for just $325(CAD)/week.
-Generally had a great time, and were completely not ready to go home yet.

I will definitely remember these two weeks of our lives fondly, and can only hope that God grants us more opportunities in the future to have truly relaxing and non-stressful vacations. We decided against going to Nebraska and New Mexico to visit our families so that we could finally take a vacation that didn’t involve going to visit anyone that was longer than four days. I’d say this was basically like a honeymoon, just three and a half years late. Our original honeymoon was just three days in Kansas City, Missouri.

Please pardon any future posting where I get more nostalgic for these weeks of our lives.


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