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or maybe nothing at all?

I haven’t posted in awhile, and I keep waiting for some kind of inspiration to hit me, and it’s not really happening.  I guess if you want to call the little mini-Corvoisier I’m sipping on inspiration, then so be it.  Not that this means I will post anything of significance.

1. I made a cake tonight, but didn’t read the directions really well, and so I forgot the topping I was supposed to put on it pre-putting-it-in-the-oven.  Instead, I assumed it was post-oven.  Instead I made a different topping.  Now, I am waiting for the cake to cool down so I can put on the topping. 

2. Lots of people I know are either: A – having babies, and/or B – buying houses.  The fact that I am not ready for either of these things makes me feel simultaneously very not a grown-up, and also makes me feel good.  Not that I’m some way desperately hanging onto my youth, or even my early to mid-20’s, but even though I get the occasional pang to birth children to or to own a house, I know I can be a tad idealistic in these areas.  The house I want does not exist for a reasonable price anywhere in this area.  And I mean, who knows what kind of kid I’d have.  (Though Doug and I often engage in the game of naming our non-existent children.  He likes William. I don’t.)

3.  I think I am realizing that friendships/relationships really are more important basically anything else.  I feel like I am exceedingly gifted at time wastage. When I think to myself, “so what if I actually got done th daily things I want to get done, and I got them done on a daily basis?  I’d still have lots of time left in which to use.  What would be the best use of this time??”?  I am realizing that what I’d like to do most is spend that time with other people.  I’d like to have people over for dinner more often. I’d like to volunteer more.  To just go people-watch.  Basically, I’m realizing how incredibly selfish I am with my time and that I don’t give enough of it to others.  

4.  Other stuff.  My cake is done and needing to be consumed.  Goodnight.


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